Making a profit by paying for a publication is not the purpose of the journal. We do not take money as a guarantee of article publication.

Review, translation of metadata into English, assigning a doi, a layout of the article is free of charge.

The cost of placing an article in the public domain and knowledge-intensive databases is 7500 rubles. regardless of the volume of the article.

In accordance with the decision of the editorial Board, the right to free placement of the article is granted:

  • doctors of Sciences presenting their author’s works;
  • full-time graduate students on the basis of a Certificate from the Department of postgraduate studies .

Articles funded by third parties (grants, financial support, etc.) are posted for a fee, regardless of the composition of the authors.

A printed copy of the journal is not included in the cost of posting an article.

The author can purchase any number of printed copies of the journal at a price of 800 rubles. per copy.

The cost of international shipping of the printed version of the magazine is determined by the tariff of the Russian Post.