Submitted for consideration in “Human Capital” journal manuscripts that meet the formal requirements set out on the website in the section “requirements for the content and design of articles” and in the current issues of the journal are registered in the editorial office and sent for review.

Failure to comply with formal requirements is the basis for refusal to accept the article for publication.

The journal provides two-way “blind” reviewing. Reviews of independent experts appointed by the editorial Board are decisive for acceptance or rejection of the manuscript by the editorial Board. The independence of experts is ensured by their anonymity.

The author has no right to choose a reviewer! Reviews received at the initiative of the author are not considered.

Review review is intended for the author and members of the editorial Board. Upon request, the review is provided to the expert Council of the WAC.

The reviewer should consider the directed article within 2 weeks from the date of receipt or within 3 days to send to the editor a reasoned refusal to review.

When reviewing the text of the article is checked by the number of borrowings from other works (including quotations). The test is carried out using the “Antiplagiat” program.

Two parameters are taken into account, if one of them is found to exceed the norm-the article is not accepted:
Option 1 – some fragments of the borrowing (a single fragment of borrowing in the article should not be above 6%);
Option 2 – total amount of borrowings (the sum of all fragments of borrowing should not exceed 25%).
Pay attention! Self-citation of own works, previously published, is also taken into account as borrowing.

The manuscript is submitted to the author for revision after the review. In the case of positive reviews, which contain the reviewer’s comments, the authors analyze the comments and make changes to the manuscript in accordance with them. The author’s response should list the changes in the text in accordance with the reviewer’s comments. If the authors do not agree with any comment, this disagreement should be justified in the response to the reviewer. Ignoring the comments of reviewers is unacceptable!

The revised version of the manuscript is submitted for examination for review and decision.

The final decision to reject or publish a manuscript is made exclusively by the Editorial Board.